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Why are my orders not processed by this website?

Dear, our valuable user of, we are trying all possible ways to provide you better free gaming services. but you all totally understand free gaming rewards like "garena free fire max diamonds, google play redeem codes, bgmi uc, paytm cash, new events items for both games" and all free services are really expensive that's why we couldn't complete every user's order but don't worry we trying to all possible way to complete every user's orders. but we can't promise you to complete your orders. website does not already complete all your order scores because we provide free services to only 10% of you.  we will try to increase this at the very earliest so that free of cost services can be provided to more than 10% people. till then you can visit our website every week and try your differences.

How do i know whether the order i placed from the website is under free service or not?

Our website makes every effort that we process some of these services free of charge for each and every user.  whether it is free diamonds for free fire or free paytm cash morning or free google play redeem code, but our website cannot provide these free services to everyone because it is very expensive and all the free services available the caterers purchase with their own money and deliver it to the user's side.  through mail or through winzo gold in the past, if you also do live my play, then whatever uc is given to you is given from a verified side only so that you all have a much better experience and your job.  the account is that he should remain absolutely only even if he is garena.  be it from the side or from the side of correction, therefore keeping your sister in mind, understands everything very well and gives a lot of value to your account plus your data. now let's talk about how we find the order of lucky user from our users, then friends, see the way in which the comment picker website is used in you tube.  lucky 10% tuition orders from our website are picked up every week and whatever they have ordered like google play redeem codes, free fire free diamonds or any other services they have selected.  that buys with its own money and reaches the users, but its number is only and only 10%.  but keep in mind that every user gets a chance to try their differences once a week.  you can try your luck by visiting our website every week.  whether it happened on any please no particular.  there is no such condition in our betterment.  you can fight for yourself by coming only once, as if any of your orders are eligible. you are contacted via email.  you are given a google play redeem code via email. we are trying our best to increase this figure by more than 10% so that more and more people can get free services so that they too can convert their gaming id to pro gaming id.

If i give my land account information on this website to get free services, is it from my gaming account?

Our website is 100% fresh.  if you send your gaming user id on our website, then it will not have any wrong effect on any of your gaming user id nor will it be suspended.  if you are a lucky user of our free rewards.  we work with verified partners to send you those rewards if you have ordered something from our website and you have won it you are among the lucky 10% of the users.  for example, if you have a free fire diamond cheetah, we do a braid with winzo gold official to give you the diamond and the diamond is sent to you by winzo gold. bears the cost of all these and provides you free services with its own money.  apart from this, if you win redeem codes by playing google.  if you google?  play, dm courts have been ordered.  if you have fried your dal then we send you to you by mail by purchasing google play redeem code from verified application like amazon mobi kwik paytm.  also, very soon we will release calling facility.

If i enter any wrong information while signing up, will my free services order be fulfilled by your side?

Absolutely not, if you enter any details wrong after registering like if you have failed anything in the email id.  which is not a gypsy in real, then we do not consider the order of this type of account as valid and your order is what it is.  the cancer is auto deleted from the side of our system within 48 hours.  we provide free services only to those people who have properly registered on our website.  as an example, if you have failed anything instead of display admin.  anything sealed in place of the username.  meaning if you have done anything again, we consider your account invalid and deactivate your account within 7 days.  apart from this, all your orders that you have failed will be considered invalid.  and the system will delete them all within 48 hours.

Is the data i provided such as my email id, my username, my password, shared elsewhere on your website?

No, any data given by you on our website such as your username, your email address or which account details you have made free.  no data of any kind is shared with any other company or any other query.  our website treats each of our users as vegetables and produces a lot of their data.  we want that all the data of all the people who visit our website should be absolutely private, apart from you and the system, that data whether it is your account details such as username and password.  he doesn't know anyone else.

I didn't get any free report from this website as of now.  can i do my fighting by visiting this website every week?

Yes, of course, you can try your luck by visiting our website every week.  but keep in mind that our website deletes each other's information from the system within 1 week, so you may have to register again on our website, for which you have a simple process.  instead of username, give your name without giving any issue, paste the same link again.  after that you have to create a new password.  you have to remember your username and password while registering, with a minimum of 8 digits and a maximum of 15 to 20 digits.  after completing all this process, you have to accept touch and condition.  after that click on registration.  it was very easy.  if you want more information about the process of registering on our website, please watch this video of ours.

Thank you so much for your support we promise you we will provide a maximum number of users 'free gaming digital currency.